Looking for laptop keyboard repair Wednesfield?

Whether you have dropped your laptop or spilled liquid on it, we have lots of experience in this kind of work. Be it an Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Macbook or many more we have experience with any and all brands of laptop.

We can repair your Laptop keyboard promptly often on the same day it is received or if a replacement is required with in 2-3 days. Firstly, we attempt to get your original keyboard working by ensuring all connections are in place and by cleaning up the laptop keyboard itself.

If your keyboard needs replacing we will supply a keyboard at trade price and fit it for you. We will then carry out vigorous testing of your new or repaired key board to ensure the laptop keyboard is working to an acceptable standard.

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FROM as low as £65

In almost all cases, we can do a laptop keyboard replacement for a fixed price. That means our engineers will be able to give you a quote as soon as they speak to you on the phone, or see your machine.

And because you don’t have to pay for branding, or to subsidise third-party work done by a national company, the price we quote is guaranteed to make you smile.

Symptoms Of Broken Keyboard:

  • Keyboard keys not working
  • Loose keyboard keys
  • Keyboard unresponsive
  • Keys work Intermittently
  • Hard to press keys and double-typing.

Contact Us If You need a Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Wednesfield