We provide a RAID Data Recovery Service throughout the Midlands for those clients who have suffered a critical data loss from their server or NAS.  We work for small and medium businesses.

Common RAID Failure Scenarios

When people use RAIDs they assume that the several disks of redundancy and storage are all they need to protect their files. Unfortunately, one of the reasons so many people need data recovery when their system fails is because they had no backup system in place. A storage system of this complexity and capacity will have a failure at some point whether it be physical or logical including:

  • Accidental deletion/reformatting
  • Fire or water damage
  • Failed RAID rebuild
  • Controller failure
  • Virus corruption
  • Power surge
  • Multiple disk failure

In many cases, a RAID may experience several of these failures at once, and a physical failure paired with a logical one makes the next steps a user takes crucial to the recovery process.

    The DOs and DON'Ts of RAID Data Recovery

    Rebuilding your raid may result in data loss. Only rebuild a RAID if ALL hard drives are present, fully functional, connected in the correct sequential order, and the RAID controller also performs its post and any other test routines flawlessly.

    This can result in permanent data loss

    This can overwrite striping data that is critical for successful RAID reconstruction

    If you attempt using CHDSK (check disk), use extreme caution; successes with CHKDSK in RAID recovery are rare. Don’t risk your data

    If you attempt using CHDSK (check disk), use extreme caution; successes with CHKDSK in RAID recovery are rare. Don’t risk your data

    The first attempt in data recovery is critical and DIY recovery attempts could result in permanent data loss. If you need your data back, contact us for professional RAID data recovery services

    What You Should Do:

    This includes physical disk arrangement and order of the connection for all component devices.

    Properly labeling all drives with the correct number correlating to the drive order is a key component for successful RAID data recovery

    When attempting to recover data from a failed RAID drive, carefully document every remedial step. If your do-it-yourself attempt fails. this will ensure that you can provide the necessary information on every step that was taken to a RAID recovery professional. If you are not familiar with RAID recovery, we strongly suggest you leave this to the experts. Failed recovery attempts due to lack of RAID knowledge can cause permanent data loss.

    This can actually further corrupt your data, possibly making it unrecoverable

    Our RAID recovery experts have helped over 3,000 clients and are ready to make your data loss situation a success story

    RAID Data Recovery Service AREAS We Support

    • RAID 0 Data Recovery
    • RAID 1 Data Recovery
    • RAID 2 Data Recovery
    • RAID 3 Data Recovery
    • RAID 4 Data Recovery
    • RAID 5 Data Recovery
    • RAID 6 Data Recovery
    • RAID 7 Data Recovery
    • RAID 10 Data Recovery
    • RAID 0+1 Data Recovery
    • RAID 53 Data Recovery
    • RAID S Data Recovery