Laptop Hinge Repair In Your Area

Laptop hinge repair and replacement is a service that is very much in demand. A  laptop hinge is a fragile component that is easily damaged. Because laptops are carried around all day they are prone to accidental damage especially if the laptop is dropped. Laptop hinges are also easily broken or worn out by constant daily use.

Reasons why you may need laptop hinge repair and replacement

PHYSICAL DAMAGE – Display hinge damage, usually caused by a drop or fall, is a common reason for needing hinge repair and replacement in laptops that are otherwise functioning well. Laptop hinges can also break if the lid is forced shut when there is an object such as a pen or pencil in the keyboard.
WEAR & TEAR – Hinges in older laptops can wear out in time as the lid is constantly being opened and shut. The main symptom of this problem is an LCD screen that just won’t stay upright. The most likely cause of this is a broken or worn out hinge inside the machine.

Why you need to get a faulty  laptop hinge fixed promptly

Laptop hinge repair may not appear to be a serious issue but if a laptop hinge is cracked or broken it is essential to get it fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise damage to the screen connections and circuits may result, which will be costly to repair and also means that you will not be able to use your laptop until the screen is fixed.

Our Laptop hinge repair and replacement service

If your laptop hinge in  is broken or no longer working properly, you need to bring your laptop to us as soon as possible. We operate a collect and return service during office hours Mon-Sat call us to make an appointment for laptop hinge repair and replacement.
Our Laptop Repair’s hinge repair and replacement service can extend the life of a laptop if its display hinges are broken or not strong enough to hold up the display. We can save you the trouble and expense of acquiring a new laptop and transferring all the data from your old IBM Thinkpad laptop.

We offers a specialised hinge repair and replacement service for all popular makes and models including Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Sony, Compaq, HP, Medion, Alienware, MSI, Toshiba, Asis and Samsung laptops. We have arrangements with suppliers of genuine spare parts for many brands so we can get hold of the correct replacement hinge for laptop hinge repair and replacement in a short time.

The hinges are critical components of the laptop that provide the flexibility for opening and closing when in use. As a vital hinge component is usually made out of metal parts, which proceed to wear down with time and requires the expert hands to replace them.

We fix every kind of laptop hinge fault for any make or model of laptop.”

  • Broken laptop hinges.
  • Damaged laptop hinges.
  • Loose laptop hinges.
  • Missing laptop hinge screw

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Laptop Hinge Replacement Wolverhampton
Laptop Hinge Replacement Perton
Laptop Hinge Replacement in Tettenhall
Laptop Hinge Replacement in Sedgley
Laptop Hinge Replacement in Pendeford
Laptop Screen Replacement in Bilston
Laptop Hinge Replacement in Willenhall
Laptop Hinge Replacement in Wombourne
Laptop Hinge Replacement in Coseley
Laptop Hinge Replacement in Penn
Laptop Hinge Replacement in Codsall