Computer Repairs Wolverhampton, is again offering FREE Computer Repairs for domestic customers in the City of Wolverhampton.

We would also appreciate a Google Review of the service you have been given and a donation of £10 towards the Prostate  Cancer UK Charity.

The repairs that we are doing for FREE are

  • Laptop Screen Replacements. (touchscreens are excluded)
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement (backlit keyboards are excluded)
  • Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrades
  • Windows Re-Install (only legal copies of Microsoft Windows are installed)
  • Power Supply Units for Desktops
  • Memory Upgrades


  • We will recommend the parts required and customer will purchase and supply these
  • Computer Repairs Wolverhampton will only take 1 computer per household
  • Work is done On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
  • We Aim for a 24 Hr Turnaround based on parts being delivered
  • A Minimum Donation of £ 10 is made to Prostate Cancer UK  (click here)
  • A review is written on our Google Page for the service we have carried out for you.


In almost all cases, we can do a laptop or computer repair in an hour. That means our engineers will be able to give you a quote as soon as they speak to you on the phone, or see your machine.

We will recommend reputable parts to use from Amazon, Ebay or a Local Supplier

Replacement Parts

  • Keyboard keys not working
  • Upgrade Hard Drive to SSD
  • Replace Power Supply
  • Replace Laptop Screen
  • Virus Removal

Contact Us If You need a Repair done in Wolverhampton

What We Ask

  • 1 Computer Per Household
  • Donate £ 10 minimum to one of our chosen charities
  • Write a Review about our service (click here)