We provide a External USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Service throughout the Midlands for those clients who have suffered a critical data loss from their External USB Hard Drive.  We undertake work for small and medium sized businesses.

Common External USB Drive Failure Scenarios

When people use External USB Drives they assume that the several disks of redundancy and storage are all they need to protect their files. Unfortunately, one of the reasons so many people need data recovery when their system fails is because they had no backup system in place. A storage system of this complexity and capacity will have a failure at some point whether it be physical or logical including:

  • Accidental deletion/reformatting
  • Fire or water damage
  • An electronic failure;
  • Mechanical failure due to shock or knock;
  • Volume Corrruption /Data Corruption;
  • Degraded read-write heads;
  • Overwritten Data
  • Controller failure
  • Virus corruption
  • Power surge

The biggest question the customer should ask himself at this stage is the degree of imposrtance you attach to your lost data and whether or not you are prepared to risk not getting it back